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Costa Rica remains a peace loving country, with no army, instead we have one of the highest literacy rates in the world, and many international companies have set up corporations here.

Tourism plays a big part too, costaricans have learned to value an appreciate all the benefits that foreign investment can bring, thus they are very friendly and always ready to help Costa Rica, the southernmost of the five republics that comprise central America extends approximately from eight to eleven degrees north latitude and between eighty-three and eighty-six degrees west longitude.

According to the latitudes mentioned, Costa Rica is located practically in the center of the inter-tropical zone 10ยบ north of the equator.

This zone is also referred to as the “Hot Zone”, due to it’s prevailing warm temperatures throughout. It is also located on the North American Continent, on the Central American Isthmus.

Costa Rica is gifted to be in the inter-tropical zone, which jointly with its mountainous systems provide a relatively stable environment, being the mayor changes from wet to dry.

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