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Diving at Cocos Island from Tamarindo


This is one of the trips / dive life. For Cocos Island is not an easy place to find. It is 500 km / 300 miles off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It takes 1 1/2 to 2 days on a boat to the island. But worth it! As the purity and natural beauty of the land and under water can not be beat anywhere else.

Cocos Island is one of the largest uninhabited island in the world. The coastline is spectacular with its cliffs and numerous underwater caves. As the island is a national park, there are no restaurants or hotels. Meaning Visitors can explore the island during the day but not stay more than one night is not allowed, everyone must stay aboard a charter boat.
It is a tropical island and during the rainy season (April-November) rains a lot. The water temperature is 27 degrees Celsius digression.
The island is covered by rainforest, with more than 68 species of plants endemic to the island. There are over 200 species of fish in waters.Sharks Island are common, especially hammerheads, which can be seen in the hundreds in a single dive. Large herds of manta rays and whale sharks are also very difficult for the island.

Dives start at $ 100 for two tank dive and go up from there. Please contact one of our adventure best rates on their trips to Costa Rica. We also offer certification courses five days ($ 395 Flamingo or if you need transportation, $ 435 if you need transport). The course includes equipment, courses, diving pool and the best place to learn to dive certification.What, but the sky !!

Starts at half-day
Starts at $100 for 2 tank dive

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