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Enjoy Fishing a Sailfish, blue marlin, black marlin, striped marlin, yellowfin tuna, dorado, wahoo, snapper, roosterfish, jacks, sharks …. To name a few of the fish we catch. Sport fishing on the coast of Costa Rica is rightly famous. All billfish are always taken throughout the year, from January to March, but excellent for the needle, while June, July and August see the sailfish action hotter. Again, the consumption of fish can be caught in abundance throughout the year, but the rainy season (May to November), see the best catches.

Tamarindo is only 10 miles from the edge of the continental shelf, and the conditions for the hot bite maybe even half as close. The calm blue waters are typical in front of Tamarindo from April to December, which means a short-term reasons. January to March can see strong winds off the coast of Tamarindo, but a long time, to the south and the wind away completely, leaving perfect conditions.

Sport Fishing nearby Tamarindo

fishing days ……… sportfishing Inshore essentially means you are fishing near the coast area. Roosterfish prowl the shallows and coral Tamarindo, only 4 kilometers from the coast welcomes anything and everything, big shark snapper, sailfish and marlin, tuna and dorado. Live bait, bottom fishing and trolling are common practice, while coastal waters.

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The crew Billfish Armada has a policy of catch and release of all billfish. We work with talented taxidermists who can build a sustainable realistic replicas of our customers and capture. As for fish feed, keep enough for dinner and excess safe release.

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