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Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding Tour

This area of ​​Costa Rica is known for its history of cowboy.
Here’s your chance to see this part of Costa Rica, the way has been known for hundreds of years before the recent introduction of some cars in the culture of Costa Rica.
TamarindHorsebackRidingTamarindo has trails and hills offer stunning views of the coastline and pristine valleys that make up most of the area of ​​influence of Tamarindo.
We dry tropical forest on a property of solid horse, well fed, and family (horse), who will be your partner in this incredible journey of discovery and adventure.
The forest is home to many families of howler monkeys, pythons, cotamundi and other forest animals.
This is a good trip to the “view”, which is also the highest point in the 40 km.
From here you will be able to see 5 beaches and over 25 miles of fields.
For those of you with a little driving experience, there are opportunities on the way to pick up some speed and run like the wind! For those of you with experience, a healthy trot will have to suffice.

2 hours
$35 per person
Cowboys (i.e. your guides), your very own “Caballo” (you have to give him back at the end)
Any time of Day – based on your desires.
Minimum Person Requirement:
Sunset Rides make for excellent views. Morning rides make for better weather.
Things to Bring:
Camera, long pants, close toed shoes, sun screen & somebody to give you a massage upon returning.
Cowboy hat, bug spray

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