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Tamarindo Mangrove Tour

Tamarindo Mangrove Estuary Tour

Tour Leaving from Tamarindo Beach..

Tamarindo estuary separately Playa Grande, which is where leatherbacks lay eggs SU. I cross the stream when the tide is low, or swimming, and WHEN STUDENTS, can be done with boats Who are Côté Estero.
In the Tour of Estero of Playa Tamarindo, will give the opportunity to observer and learn from a variety of topics in the flora and fauna-and live large crocodiles payment see different species of birds, and aussi know who are different trees will be in the mangroves with all mysteries surrounding SES who, then, will not turn on their holidays here.

1 comfortable walking qui peut Being wet shoes.

$ 35 per person, including non-buffet and the famous Sea Soda: THE SODA PAMAS,
$ 25 for a meal without par.
(Minimum 4 people, prices and low pour a large party).
Includes Private transportation of personnel for the mineral water, juices, Tour Across the Estuary and Mangrove Boat Tour Private Palmas.
Gather Brasilito, Conchal, Flamingo, Tamarindo, Langosta, Hacienda Pinilla (No charge $ 10 and no minimum of 4)

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