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Located along the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Tamarindo is one of the most easily accessible coastal cities in the region. With crystal clear turquoise waters and pristine weather, Tamarindo is one of the most popular tourist destinations for a good reason. Paved roads take travelers to the tropical paradise in Guanacaste.

In a relatively small area, Costa Rica has everything one could want in a vacation paradise. There secluded white sandy beaches with high surf and fantastic diving. There are active volcanoes and vast rainforests. And, ecotourism is a specialty of the house. Getting around is easy via rental car, plane or public bus, and the warm and friendly people safe and fun trip

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Tamarindo Costa Rica

Many outdoor activities that will appeal to almost everyone

As one of the most developed cities in the region, Tamarindo has a little something for everyone.

Tamarindo beach a family is looking for an adventure holiday or a couple looking to relax on your honeymoon, this city boasts comfort and serenity of several other destinations in a particular location. Tamarindo can be a hot tourist destination, but it still has a traditional atmosphere after-Tico.

The long beach is even the busiest days of relaxation

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Outdoor Activities Beaches
Outdoor Activities Beaches Luxury plenty of watersports world-class golf.

Tamarindo offers many outdoor activities that will appeal to almost everyone – young or old. Surfing, swimming, sailing, kayaking and scuba diving are some of the opportunities for fun in Tamarindo. However, it is essential to tell the current terms of swimming here because the rip tide is hard and the bottom of the seabed is rocky in some areas. Surfing and windsurfing are here for advanced amateurs and beginners.

Surf and Playa Tamarindo are synonymous with this little surf town known for its beautiful waves and direction of the trade winds if you know how to handle a surfboard is one of the best places to stay. CostaRicaTamarindoBeachPlaya Grande, Tamarindo which is separated by the Río Matapalo is ideal for beginners and experienced surfers and has the most consistent waves in the area. The Estero is popular with long borders, and Playa Langosta is suitable for experienced surfers. Playa Langosta is a 15-minute walk south of Tamarindo and lies at the mouth of the river.

There are several places to take surf lessons or go on a surf trip as, many of which address individual needs, interests, and budget. Tamarindo is one of the hot spots for sport fishing in Costa Rica and is known for its fleet of the world-class fishery in deep water. The waters off the coast of Tamarindo are full of marlin, tuna, roosterfish, snapper, mackerel, grouper, and sailfish, among others. Golfers also rejoice in Tamarindo, as there are golf courses beautifully designed with beautiful fairways – Many give you a perfect vantage point to see the local wildlife.

Are you looking for something a little more exotic? Take a walk on the roads leading out of the paths through the forest, under the canopy of the forest or along the beach road. Horseback riding, rafting, and biking are favorite activities Leatherback Marine National Park The Leatherback Marine National Park is one of the most important nesting sites in the country for leatherback turtles. Located just south of Tamarindo, the park covers around 445 hectares of mangroves and coastal waters – the perimeters of the park also extend 12 miles into the Pacific Ocean to protect against poachers.

This park is inhabited by over 170 species of birds and a variety of animals. Leatherback Marino is a must during the nesting season, but it is necessary to have a guide to go to the beaches because there are strict to protect the habitat of the tortoise and security policies.

Popular destination

Restaurants and nightlife Tamarindo has become a popular destination for tourists, so it’s no surprise there are plenty of restaurants and lively nightlife. With more than 40 restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the area, it is not difficult to find a good place to eat or spend the night in town. Read for an adventure visit Costa Rica Issys Tours and Start planning with the local experts

Tamarindo beachTamarindo also has local flavor tips of the fingers with its traditional outdoor market, traditional bakeries, pottery shops, an art gallery and spa nearby. Getting to Tamarindo Most travelers landing at the San Jose, which is about four hours drive from Tamarindo.

Newly paved roads and a bridge over the river Tempisque make travel easier than ever, and offer travelers the opportunity to discover the country of Costa Rica. However, an easier way to get there is by plane at the Liberia International Airport or fly from San Jose to Tamarindo Domestic Airport which is just outside of town.

Tamarindo is perhaps Costa Rica’s most cosmopolitan beach.

Few places have so much entertainment by day: scenery, sunbathing, snorkeling, surfing, shopping, and a lively nightlife. Although the town is not nearly as crowded as other Pacific coast beaches like Jacó, tourists make their presence abundantly clear. Here you’ll find more resort-hoppers than backpackers and just as many Thai restaurants and French bakeries as sodas.

The crowd on the beach is composed of people from all walks of life: Local families on vacation, retired gringos, surfers from the north and south, and backpackers seeking a break from their diet of rice and beans. Socialites can find plenty of people to schmooze with, and those preferring peace can wander out to the rocky points at either end of the beach and take in a stunning sunset, reflected on the endless silvery waters. If standard after-hours activities don’t suit your taste, take advantage of fantastic natural splendors, like watching a leatherback turtle lay her eggs at nearby Parque Nacional Las Baulas.

Tamarindo is a good place to think about Costa Rica’s many contradictions, but also an easy place to forget about them. The waves on Tamarindo are softer and smaller than most of the other beaches in Costa Rica, which makes it an ideal place for beginners surfers. If you are looking for stronger waves, go north to Playa Granda, or south to Playa Negra.

Tamarindo Tips

Tamarindo is more expensive than most of the other beach towns in Costa Rica, and during the dry season it is hard to find cheap accommodation without reserving it in advance.

About 10 kilometers north of Tamarindo, there is a beach named Playa Conchal, which is one of the most beautiful and unique beaches in Costa Rica. Conchal is so beautiful because its white sand is made of small fractions of shells (Conchal is the Spanish word for shell).

There are no waves at Playa Conochal, and the water is very deep just 2 meters from the sand, which makes it one of the best swimming spots in Costa Rica. There are also a few nice cheap cabins in Playa Brasilito, 300 meters from Playa Conchal, so if you found Tamarindo to be too crowded, that could be a great alternative.

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