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Costa Rica Travel

So you have your heart set on Costa Rica, but the storm clouds make you a little nervous. The rainy season in Costa Rica is a common concern for travelers, but do not let the rain keep you away. Rain or “green season” from May to November is actually a favorite time for many experienced travelers traveling Costa Rica.

First, let’s review the concept of rain. I can assure you that the vision you have of shivering in her swimsuit on the beach in a storm is not an exact representation of the rainy season in Costa Rica. Although I can not guarantee the time the morning of the rainy season are bright and sunny with showers in the afternoon ride in a couple of hours. And if you have been adventurous and tanning by the pool all day, his presence is welcome. This is the perfect time for a spa treatment, well-deserved siesta in the afternoon, or a quick swim before dinner.

Costa Rica Rainy Season Awards

Consider for their benefit that the rainy season is not getting all the publicity of his hot sister, the dry season sets. Fewer crowds mean more beach chairs, fewer people during his tour of a day, and a more personalized service.
Season visits Costa Rica Rainy

Now you can take the suspension bridge tour!

If you fly-by-seat-of-your-pants kind of traveler, you’ll love this. Fewer people means that if you see something you like – either a trip or a room upgrade – you can book.
You do not have to plan ahead

There is far less urgency in the green season. So if you want to make a last minute trip to Costa Rica, you can. In the rainy season, it is quite possible to put a trip together one month in advance. No need to look at the details. A relaxed stress free experience is what this is all about, after all.
The ultimate experience Pura Vida

Ticos Costa Rica Rainy Season

You can experience the Pura Vida lifestyle anytime and anywhere during your trip to Costa Rica. This does not worry, go-with-the-flow kind of attitude is better understood when interacting with the locals. Talk to your guide, the bus boy, the one who. The people of Costa Rica are friendly and eager to share their culture. And the best way to experience it is without all the hustle and bustle as the dry season can bring.

Costa Rica rainy season prices

Naturally, less demand means lower prices. Traveling in the green season and basically just gave you a free upgrade. Yes please. Just consider that it is not uncommon to have exactly the same path in green season and pay half the price. Do you still see the light? And, of course, we can help you with the addition of improvements.

Costa Rica Rainy Season less heat

OK I understand. Want to be hot on holiday. And Costa Rica will certainly bring the heat. No pun intended. But one of the biggest benefits of these rains in the evening is cool. Ahh, refreshing.

Flora Costa Rica Rainy Season

Note, Costa Rica is a tropical region with a variety of ecosystems of the rainforest. And to see the green landscape we all love tanto- should rain. I do not want to be that girl, but are not part of the reason why we came to visit?

If the idea of ​​the rain is too heavy to carry, consider traveling to destinations in northern Costa Rica, where the climate is drier. Small tropical beaches of Guanacaste style desert could be a great fit.

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