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Living in Tamarindo

Living in Tamarindo

So, you are thinking about making a lifestyle change. Costa Rica has captured your attention because of the stable government, warm climate, beautiful scenery and friendly people. The question is, where in Costa Rica do you want to make your home? The obvious answer is Tamarindo!

Tamarindo is located on the northwest Pacific coast of the Guanacaste Peninsula. We are in a dry, tropical forest so you will find the humidity lower, the temperature a bit warmer and breezes year round. We do not get as much rainfall as other parts of Costa Rica, which makes Tamarindo Beach a great vacation destination.

Costa Rica has a 92% literacy rate, which is the highest in Central America. Education is important and in Tamarindo, we have exceptional educational facilities. The Country Day School, a private facility, which encompasses all levels from pre-school to high school, is one of the best schools in the country.

There are also two private schools for pre-school, kindergarten and first grade students in the area. We have a local public school for pre-school through sixth grade and are in the process of building a high school, which will offer computer classes, technical training and hospitality courses.

Business is booming in Tamarindo! We are proud to be Costa Rica’s number one beach destination and it shows! Because of the influx of tourist, new businesses and services are always needed. New homes, as well as condominiums, villas and apartments are being built for both residential and private use. Real estate sales are thriving, occupancy levels are up and the restaurants are at capacity. Pura Vida!

Real estate sales are on an upward swing for the area. Whether you are looking for a beachfront condo or a farm with acreage, you are sure to find it here. We also have several reliable and reputable building contractors who will be happy to build your dream home here in paradise.

Tamarindo is a community. It is a place where going to the bank can be a social event. A place where you cannot drive down the street without someone sending a friendly wave your way. The German baker actually makes deliveries to your house. The servers in the restaurants remember you don’t like orange cheese on your vegetarian sandwich. Tamarindo is a great place to live. Tamarindo has it all.

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