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costa-rica-surf-lessonIf you want security, pleasure and advice Easy Going to learn to surf, come to us! To learn to surf all you need is the ability to swim and a good sense of humor. Visit Surf Website Here

Our qualified instructors and fun will ensure that you will be able to stand on your surfboard and ride your first wave at your first class.
Conditions for surf lessons 


  • Minimum of 2 people to operate. There will be an instructor every 5 students.SurfinCostaRica
  • Each client must sign a waiver before.
  • Boards of foam are used to surfing lessons. In case the customer wants a fiberglass board, the customer must provide a credit card and give a deposit for rent. In this case, the board must be verified by the client and the instructor before using.
  • Surf lessons are scheduled according to the tides. Normally, two hours before high tide or an hour later.

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